Jessica Blair, the gal in Gal Friday.

I took the leap from serial corporate employee to entrepreneurship in 2014 when I started Gal Friday as a way to assist small businesses. I naturally went to work within the incredible creative community in Austin, doing things like bookkeeping, social media, and blogging.

As I worked with florists, event planners, and makers + doers, I realized how much I craved a job where I could be a creative as well. That's where cake came in. I've been a scratch baker since childhood, and I knew that cakes (and cookies and pies and brownies) were my passion and calling. And I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do than teach other people how to bake delicious desserts and decorate them simply but beautifully with flowers. 

I still love working with my small business clients, but I also love having the flexibility to do what speaks to my soul. Gal Friday is the best of both worlds!

The Facts

Most people call me Jess, my family calls me Jish, and back in college my friends named me Polar Blair. Polar bears are definitely my spirit animals. Give me all the peanut buttery, chocolate-y things and I am happy. I've seen A League of Their Own no less than 174 times, and my guilty pleasure movie is definitely Magic Mike XXL (because they're male entertainers with heart.) Idris Elba is my main man crush. When I'm not working, I drink craft beer, binge watch Netflix, and plan dinner parties with my friends. My heroes are Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars, so if I didn't have this gig, I like to think I'd be a sassy lady private eye.